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Dental Care Sippy Cup - First and Only Teeth Protect Design for Toddler.

•No Leaking - Can feed in any position 360 weighted straw •Features advanced dual-vent anti-colic valves to help prevent ingesting air •Spout is 100% silicone, soft, flexible •Microwave and Top rack dishwasher safe

Advantage 1: Sturdy Handles! Make baby independent drinking so easy!

Always make the first step easy for baby to try new things! 3D-fixed position handle is easy for baby’s little hands to grip. The 360°weighted straw follows the liquid, allowing the baby to latch and feed in any comfortable position.

Advantage 2: Prevent Choking Experience

Traditional straight straw design leaks water everywhere. Also baby has no control of sucking and the large volume of liquid makes choking possible. Our flow control only lets liquid out when the baby sucks – effectively prevent the baby from choking.


Advantage 3: Scientific Extra Wings Design 

Little wings were added to the nipple, helping the baby to uniformly distribute applied force while sucking, which can help protect new teeth and allow them to grow in naturally. 

- Spout 100% High-Grade Silicone

- Microwave Heat Resistant  200°C/392℉

- No leaking

- Dishwasher Safe

- FDA Certified & BPA free


Happy baby users. Happy mum and dad!