Creative Educational Toys

Enjoy the precious time of playing and learning with your little one. Our new series of stacking toy and mind toy enhance your baby's motor and cognition skills. All toys are packaged in a 15x15cm kraft box. Stack them all up and save your space! Do not forget to get your kids the best and safe organic clay set from Denmark.

Love is in the details, learning is in creative building toys

Toys are to babies what mental and physical exercise are to adults. When you give your little one something to grasp, hold, and assemble, they set out on the development journey. And Baby Button™ can help you get this journey going. Buy educational toys that double as creativity teachers to engage all your infant’s senses!

Our series for play-based learning include organic clay sets, craft kits, blocks, and other food-grade silicone stackables. They are safe to fiddle with and great for babies in their first months and even 3-year-olds. 

Bonus for parents: all these toys are easy to store in small spaces so that they won’t make your home look messy.

Toys for creativity, skills, and cognitive development 

Give your baby what they deserve as they learn to interact with everything around them. Our motor skills development and creative building toys are designed to make it easier for your little one to:

  • improve finger dexterity as they pick up, turn, and move playthings
  • learn to use their eyes and hands together
  • distinguish colors, shapes, sizes, and textures with tactile actions
  • develop logical thinking skills by figuring out how blocks should be stacked
  • overcome challenges that arise during playtime
  • learn to predict outcomes of their actions through cause-and-effect play
  • experience a sense of accomplishment by coping with small tasks and achieving play goals

What’s more, our creative learning and cognitive toys are packed with fun. They will keep your little bundle of joy engaged as they build new things with colorful and exciting blocks, animals, and other pieces. Play-based learning should never be boring!

Not sure what to get for your baby? Check out our educational toys online by looking at what they are created for – from hand-eye coordination to learning colors.

More goodies with Baby Button® toys

Whether you’re looking to buy stacking blocks or clay kits, we ship all our toys in eco-friendly 15x15cm kraft boxes. Sustainability means the world to us, and it goes into how we package our products, among other things. Besides, our kraft boxes are cute.

You’ll also get two greeting cards for every order you place with Baby Button®. These are just to remind you that love is really in the details.

Learning shouldn’t be costly. If you think so too, our prices for educational toys will put a smile on your face. Check them out!