Are Silicone Teethers Safe?

Silicone teethers have gradually become the first choice for parents to provide their babies with risk-free and safe comfort. Silicone is unique in that it is not as harmful to health as plastic. These hazards include harmful chemicals in plastic teether, including BPA, polyvinyl chloride, and phthalates. Studies have shown that these chemicals can cause hormonal changes, which can lead to neurological, developmental, and reproductive damage.

The health of infants is fragile because their entire system is in the developmental stage for most of their childhood. Therefore, parents must pay special attention to the things they come into contact with, especially what enters their mouths.

When your baby develops his first set of teeth, this may be a stage of complex emotions. Some parents have a very easy time during the teething of their children because a small number of children respond calmly to this development. Others have their work to do because all symptoms and pain seem to affect parents and children.

Some symptoms that accompany this change include:


• Fussiness

• Inflamed gums

• Chew and bite anything they can find

• Change sleep and eating patterns

As plastic teethers are not allowed, rubber and silicone fill the gap. Silicone is still the first choice because it does not cause known allergies.

What is silicone?

Silicone is not plastic, but a kind of rubber. Silicone has the following properties similar to plastics, including transparency, ductility, temperature resistance, flexibility, and water resistance. These characteristics make silicone classified as an intermediate ground between rubber and plastic. However, what really distinguishes silicone is its composition, which is silicon and oxygen, with organic side groups attached to silicon atoms.

Is silicone safe for babies?

Other properties of silicone that make it so unique include:

•Silicone does not support the growth of microorganisms

• Silicone is resistant to oxygen, ozone, and ultraviolet (UV)

• Silicon has low chemical reactivity and low toxicity

• Silicone is used for different purposes in different fields because of these special qualities.

It is widely used in electrical, automobile, medicine and dentistry, textile and paper, household, and other industries. There is no doubt that it is also suitable for creating safe, chewy, and soothing baby teeth.

Silicone and silicon

Silicone should not be confused with the chemical element silicon. Silicon is one of the key elements in the composition of silicone and is produced by reducing silica.

Silicon is a natural chemical element that exists in abundance on the earth, while silicon is a man-made derivative of silicon and other chemical substances.

The use of silicone and silicon also separates them, because silicon can be used as a semiconductor and is also commonly used to make ceramic glazes, tiles, and glass. On the other hand, silicone has more industrial and household uses.

Benefits of silicone teethers:

•Silicone teethers are suitable for refrigerators and dishwashers.

As a direct result of the unique characteristics of silicone, it can be cleaned easily or forever. Soap or detergent cannot penetrate into the Wristband Teether, nor can it stay on the surface. Therefore, you can use any cleaning measures with confidence. Silicone is suitable for storage in the refrigerator because its ingredients are not affected by temperature changes; on the contrary, it is better to provide soothing relief for your baby.

•Silicone is soft, chewy, and durable

The rubbery feel of this substance makes it soft and chewy. Although silicone can soothe the bite or chew, it can also endure this long-term pain for a long time.

•Silicone has a non-slip surface

The elasticity of silicone promotes a good grip, so it will not slip out of the baby's hands.

• Silicone teethers are safe

Silicone teethers are made of food-grade silicone, which is a completely safe silicone that is compatible with food. These are non-toxic teethers.

Silicone teethers eliminate the danger of suffocation because they are a soft, chewy, soothing toy. Silicone teethers are hypoallergenic to ensure your baby's health.

Silicone teethers do not contain BPA, PVC, and phthalates. They do not filter out any harmful chemicals, nor do they have hard or sharp edges.