If your baby prepares to sit up in a high chair, she's also all set to drink from her very first sippy cup– or at least, prepared to find out just how to drink from either an open cup or a sippy cup.

Not only will this educate her that liquid can originate from a source besides a breast or a container, however, but it will also certainly likewise assist her transition far from the bottle once it's time to discourage. Below's how to pass the cup to your new generation.

When should you present a sippy cup?

Presenting a sippy cup to your child early– at about 6 months– can make it simpler to discourage her off the bottle by her initial birthday. Some babies naturally dislike bottle-feeding around 9 to twelve-month, which makes a suitable time to begin discouraging your infant off the bottle.

Doctors and also pediatric dental professionals claim that infants need to break the bottle practice by one year, as well as no later than 15 months.

Just how should you present a sippy cup?

Around the age of 6 months, attempt bringing her high chair to the table with you through nourishments and offering her a little breast milk or formula out of a sippy cup.

Doing so reinforces the idea that she needs to eat mostly at mealtimes, instead of grazing throughout the day. Toddlers that sip out of a sippy cup all the time can be in jeopardy for excessive weight (since they might be most likely to overeat) as well as cavities (given that their teeth are being bathed in sweet fluids).

And when she sees her parents consuming alcohol out of a mug, she'll be more likely to want to drink out of one, also.

Do you have to make use of a sippy cup to shift from the bottle?

No– as well as in fact, some professionals suggest missing the sippy cup altogether, as well as transitioning straight to an open mug instead. That's due to the fact that sippy is a lot more like bottles than big-kid cups in the feeling that the liquid is slower to come out (and as a result spends more time pooling around the teeth).

Plus, learning just how to consume alcohol from an open mug is a vital ability that your little one will certainly require to master– something that's usually possible prior to the age of 2.

How to pick the very best sippy cup for your infant?

The right cup will make those initial drinking experiences easier as well as much less untidy for everybody. You could need to explore a couple of alternatives until you find the right suit, however, there are a few useful features to seek when buying a sippy cup:

Weighted on the bottom. Sippy cups that are weighted under are stronger than non-weighted cups as well as will not topple as quickly.

Spill-proof. Discovering to drink from a sippy cup will be messy. By picking a leak-proof cup, you'll remain in the clear when she tosses it off the high chair– as well as she will!

Phthalate-free. BPA has actually been outlawed in the U.S. because 2012, yet there's some concern that phthalates, usual chemicals that are found in plastics, can shake off your body's hormonal agents.

Manages. Most children like cups with handles, which are simpler for their tiny (cute) fingers to hold.

Obviously, if your child grabs your glass of water at supper, there's no harm in allowing her to take a supervised swig (as long as there's no ice in your drink). She'll learn to drink from a selection of cups quicker if she tries numerous faster.