The baby bottle is one of the must-haves for babies, and mothers should prepare them before their baby is born. But nowadays, there are many types and styles of baby bottles on the market, and it has become a troublesome thing to choose a favorite baby bottle.

Silicone bottles supplier teaches you the following aspects:


1. The material of the bottle



Baby bottles are generally divided into three types: glass bottles, silicone bottles, and plastic bottles.

Glass baby bottle: The material is safe and does not contain the carcinogen bisphenol A, high-temperature resistance, high transparency, and easy to clean; but the glass baby bottle has low strength, heavier weight, and fragile.

Silicone baby bottle: Silicone baby bottles are made of high-grade medical silicone rubber, do not contain bisphenol A, and are harmless, colorless, tasteless, and soft.

Plastic baby bottle: There are many types of plastic baby bottles, mainly PP baby bottles, PES baby bottles, PPSU baby bottles.

Most baby bottles on the market are made of PP. This material has not been found to be harmful to the human body and is close to the advantages of glass, but its price is relatively expensive; PES is also called polyethersulfone, which has a light brown color. Lightweight, drop-resistant, easy to clean, safe, and free of bisphenol A; PPSU, also known as polystyrene sulfone, has a light golden color. It is a safe new material for maternal and child products. It is light and fall-resistant, safe, non-toxic, and free of carcinogenic bisphenol A, high-temperature resistance up to 180.

Generally, for newborns, the chemical properties of glass bottles are relatively stable. No matter what disinfection method is used, they will not secrete any chemical substances that are harmful to the baby. After three months, they can choose to change to silica gel or according to their various conditions. Plastic baby bottle.


2. The appearance of the bottle



When buying a milk bottle, you should choose a bottle with high transparency, so that you can clearly see the amount of milk and whether there are foreign objects in the bottle. It is best not to choose a baby bottle with too many patterns and colors, so as to minimize possible hazards.


3. The shape of the bottle



Babies at different ages have different needs for the shape of the bottle used. Round bottles flow smoothly, which is more suitable for newborns within three months. The curved, ring-shaped bottle is suitable for babies over 4 months old. At this time, the baby has a strong desire to grasp things. The curved bottle is like a small dumbbell, and the ring-shaped bottle is an oblong "o" shape. They are all convenient The baby’s small hands hold it to satisfy their own desire to feed; the small bottle with handle is suitable for babies around one-year-old and can help babies practice their grasping ability.


4. The capacity of the bottle



The capacity of the feeding bottle is generally divided into four types: 120ml, 160ml, 200ml, and 240ml. Of course, 120ml is enough for a newborn baby. Subsequent mothers can choose the bottle according to the size of their baby's food.

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