From the day our children are born, their brain is set to chaos as the main programming. Modern society uses the rest of their lives to teach them to put everything into a system and control chaos.

According to the Finnish brain researcher Matti Bergström, society’s need to control could have major consequences on humans and our future. He believes that we should maintain the chaos of the child within us, nurture and care for our inner childish chaos throughout our lives.

It is in the childish chaos that all development and creative thinking lies. If we control and suppress chaos, we will at the same time suppress the possibility of developing the human ability of creative thinking. Thus comparable to the ability to think independently and problems solving.

Creative play helps to maintain chaos, and show us the way to new ideas, we have not yet thought of.
The more freely we can play, free of adult logic, the more we benefit from this to learn to understand the world around us. An understanding that helps us process all incoming impressions leading to personal growth and development.

It is a very important parental task to make room for our child´s imagination, create the right conditions, in such a way that chaos can live within the child and help it prosper and grow.
How do we do so?

We must put aside our adult logic and need for control. Curiosity and believing that anything is possible will strengthen your child’s self-confidence through the land of Fantasy and thereby the child’s belief in him or herself.
Do you participate in the creative play yourself, you will not only enhance the ability to maintain creativity in both you and your child. You will also strengthen your child´s social skills. The ability to share, include others, and give room for other ideas than one's own.